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Contact Methods

There are many ways to contact me:
  • You can post a comment on any blog asking me to contact you and telling me where to find you.

  • You can send me an email by clicking the "Contact Me" button in the left side bar navigation.

  • You can send me an email to TheRedheadRiter {*~at~*} {!^aol^!} {~*dotcom*~) It is stupid that we have to jumble up our web and email addresses! So use the symbols instead of the words "at, aol, dotcom" and leave out all these symbols " * ~ ! ^ ". Mama Mia!

  • You can view my profile found "here" and click the word "email" in the left side bar.

  • I also have a Twitter account so you can tweet me "here" by sending me a direct message @TheRedheadRiter. You can find the Twitter Icon at the bottom of my blog in the right column of the footer.

  • I can also be reached in my BlogFrog community found "here" and I will often post questions in the forum where we all can also have conversations with each other.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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