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Does Paint Color Matter?

Room color can influence our mood and our thoughts. Don't worry about fads and trends because just like cars and clothing, they come and go with time. Choose the colors that set the mood you desire in the room.
orange room
To help you decide on colors, look at magazines, books, fabric swatches, tiles, draperies, wall textures, furniture and carpets.
tan room
Remember to use only three or four colors in a room to prevent a feeling of disorganization and chaos.
brown room
Red is a passionate stimulating color that pumps up the energy in a room (raises blood pressure, speeds respiration and heart rate), while crimson can often cause a feeling of irritability. Orange transmit excitement, enthusiasm and energy.
pinkish brown room
Dark blue is known to evoke feelings of sadness, but the lighter/bolder shades of blue adds a feeling of peaceful serenity, and is a calm, relaxing color. It also is known to lower blood pressure and slow respiration and heart rate.
peach cream room
Yellow is the happy sunshine color, but used extensively in a room it can create a feeling of angry frustration. Use it wisely in small doses.
red room
White and cream make a room feel spacious and combining shades of white will bring a sophisticated airiness to a space.
cream room
Green is a relaxing color and is easiest on the eye because it is a combination of the happy yellow and calm blue.
purple room
Dark purple is a sophisticated, richly dramatic color which exudes luxury and wealth. A lighter lavender shade of purple is calming like the blue hues, but never seems cold like a light blue.
blue room
The neutrals: Brown blends well with all other colors and creates a harmonious mood.

Gray is a combination of black and white and adds a stately air to a room.
green room
Black is the mysterious color and can be used as an accent to calm down all the colors in a room. Used as a main color in a room, it can add drama when splashed with one or two vivid colors.

* Pink: soothes, acquiesces; promotes affability and affection.
* Yellow: expands, cheers; increases energy.
* White: purifies, energizes, unifies; in combination, enlivens all other colors.
* Black: disciplines, authorizes, strengthens; encourages independence.
* Orange: cheers, commands; stimulates appetites, conversation, and charity.
* Red: empowers, stimulates, dramatizes, competes; symbolizes passion.
* Green: balances, normalizes, refreshes; encourages emotional growth.
* Purple: comforts, spiritualizes; creates mystery and draws out intuition.
* Blue: relaxes, refreshes, cools; produces tranquil feelings and peaceful moods.

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