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Get Down To The Basics

We all can not afford the lavish lifestyle of the rich and famous and own very expensive items which are complimented by even more very expensive items. However, even on a minimalistic budget, you can have balance which will bring peace to your home or space.

Basic decorating tips:
• Have a theme (inspiration piece)
• Choose the style element
• Change the big stuff first
• Limit the colors and patterns
• Keep it clean and odor free
• Little things matter

Let's touch on each point.

Have a theme (inspiration piece)
Perhaps you have crystal or china that you want to display. This is perfect for inspiration. Maybe your theme should be more elegant than casual. The pieces of art or inspiration pieces will reflect your likes and personality, so if you choose a theme around them, your decorations will not only blend well, but bring your personality into the room.

Choose the style element
Are you formal, casual, or modern? Look around at your furnishings and art work. They will more than likely have a common thread and the style that you are most comfortable in will prevail.

• Change the big stuff first
The drapes, furniture, wall covering and flooring will have the most available decorating space. Ensure that they blend well and are uncluttered.

• Limit the colors and patterns
Too many colors and patterns in a room not only detract from the eye appeal, but also sabotages the harmony of the space. Your home should be a place where you relax and find peace. If colors and patterns bombard you at every turn, the room will not be comfortable (refer to color posts on this blog).

• Little things matter
Small touches in decorating go a long way. Well placed candles, photos, flowers, pillows, throws, rugs, miniature waterfalls, plants, light switch dimmers, and electrical cover plates go a long way. They add personality and balance to a space and are always inviting.

• Keep it clean and odor free
This is the first and last of all the steps. A clean home, no matter how barren, is always more refreshing and inviting. Keeping the odors out of the home, as well as ensuring that pleasant smells do not knock you over when entering the space, is equally important. Remove all clutter, dust, dirt, smears, drips, and trash. Clean and odor free homes are always the most appealing and the places where people want to linger longer.

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