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Crystal Clear

I love crystal. It is simple, smooth and clear. All of the following images were taken from Superior and all the products can be purchased there also. Can you guess which one costs $3,450.00? No, that wasn't a typo.

Most common glass has many ingredients added to change its properties. Lead glass, such as lead crystal, is more 'brilliant' because the increased refractive index causes noticeably more "sparkles." I just love sparkles!

Every Saturday my chore was to dust the furniture and wash or dust the knick knacks. You would think after I broke about twenty items my mother would have changed my chore to something else, but she didn't. Maybe she thought that I would improve and lose my klutziness, but that didn't happen either. Although I have broken a lot of glass and am terrified to walk between aisles of beautiful crystal, I still love it!

There are beautiful glasses that are made for the purpose of serving alcohol, but if you do not drink alcohol they are still beautiful to serve other types of drinks. I find crystal to be very elegant and festive.

Lalique Crystal China Mood Large Amber Bowl

Moser Crystal Clear and Topaz Grace Vase

Moser Crystal Topaz Her Majesty Vase

Waterford Crystal Kinsley Pillar Candleholder

Waterford Crystal Rocha Black Bowl

Lalique Crystal Champs Elysees Gold Bowl

Lalique Crystal Serpentine Amber Bowl

Moser Crystal Topaz Bar Double Old Fashioned

Moser Crystal Topaz Vase

Waterford Crystal Lismore Pitcher

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