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Fabric Makes A Difference

Types of fabric and cloth defined: The Phronistery

If you are willing to keep an open mind when choosing your fabric for decorating, the possibilities are truly endless.

goodwill couch

goodwill couch using Anna Marie Horner fabric
Image: JCaroline

Anna Marie Horner fabric 1
Image: Anna Marie Horner fabric

Amy Butler fabric 1
Image: Urban Sardines

Amy Butler fabric 2

Amy Butler fabric 3
Image: Amy Butler fabric

Amy Butler fabric 4
Image: Amy Butler fabric

Sandi Henderson fabric 1
Image: Persnickety Home Designs

Sandi Henderson fabric 2
Image: Sandi Henderon fabric

Sandi Henderson fabric 3
Image: Sandi Henderon fabric

fabric 1

fabric 2

fabric 3

fabric 4

fabric 5

fabric 6

fabric 7

When choosing the fabric for a room or piece of furniture, focus your attention on the items or style that you love. Choose a fabric that will enhance your style and create the mood you want to set in the room. Don't limit yourself to making the room pop with just pillows and wall hangings. A dramatic couch or chair can make a room exciting. Consider these factors when making your fabric choice:

• Color
• Size of Print
• Size of furniture piece
• Size of room
• Durability
• Stain Resistance
• Thread Count
• Fade Resistance

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