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Sofas, Couches, Settees, Fabrics and Vampires

Is it a couch or a sofa?

The traditional meaning of couch is a particular type of sofa with a half back and one raised end. By this definition it more closely resembles a day-bed, chaise longue, or indeed a bed. In the UK, where the generic term for the item of living room furniture is usually 'sofa' or 'settee', the term 'couch' retains this specific meaning, for example in a therapeutic setting (i.e. a psychiatrist's couch). A couch is therefore used lying down, while a sofa or settee is for sitting upright. The word 'couch' derives from Old French couche, meaning "bed" or coucher with the meaning "to lie down".

When determining the type of fabric to use on a sofa, consider the following (in addition to my previous post):

• Ease of cleaning
• Who uses the sofa?
• Price of fabric
• Texture on skin
• Amount of sunlight in room

The fabric on a couch makes all the difference! You can have a beautiful sofa covered by awful fabric and it will ruin the appeal of the room. I think we would all agree that this is an ugly sofa:

ugly couch

However, with a better fabric choice, it would not be so hideous. Consider these sofas"

Lignet Roset
Image: Ligne Roset

pink couch

couch with green print

Favola ZEN
Image: Favola ZEN

Image: Norton

Image: Kube

white couch popping yellow chairs

green couch with lots of pillows

cream couch with popping orange pillows


coffin couch

I guess fabric is important to vampires too!

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Everyday Mom Ideas said...

I love the "linge roset" sectional. Its brilliant!

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