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Candles are Glowing

Candles are an easy and fun way to change the ambiance in a room. They vary from excitement on a birthday cake to friendship around the dining room table. Plus, they make fantastic gifts any time.

dynamite and bomb candle
Image: MyStakes

Lego brick candles
Image: A+R Store

rock candles
Image: Rocklite Candle Co.

cactus candles
Image: Gift Ideas

cinnamon roll candle
Image: DECA Candle

cupcake candle
Image: Sweet Lil Boutique

basket weave candles
Image: Martha Stewart

Grouping candles of varying heights and sizes give a more dramatic effect. They create elegant subtle lighting and by using different fragrances, the combination can lend a pleasant, comforting atmosphere.

the ambiance of candles

Candles create lighting with a soft glow that is an effective way to promote a peaceful, calm and relaxing mood in the home. Candles are known to help reduce stress which makes them the perfect ending to a long, hard day.

the ambiance of candles
Image: Flickr donwright

the ambiance of candles
Image: Flickr Shanmu

Of course, candles can also be used as an aphrodisiac, but we'll save that subject for another time.

the ambiance of candles
Image: Flickr robmelody

Other places to purchase candles:
Redneck Candles
Lilac Ave
Ethereal Enchantments
The Clack House
Tante Caroline

The Redhead Riter


Anonymous said...

Wow how do you keep up with so many blogs!!????

I love candles and need to use them more in my home- I became sensitive to scents so did with out them but now they have some that are scentless or natural scents which don't bother me as much.

Melly said...

What a fabulous post, I just adore candles and the way they can change the feel of a room and its instant relaxation when I light a candle.
Have a super fab week!

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