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Commercial Mailboxes

commercial mailboxes

I've talked about mailboxes before, however,commercial mailboxes are a little bit different. For instance, apartment mailboxes need to be secure, sturdy and convenient. Often you will see cluster mailboxes placed in a central location at the apartment complex. They are made of heavy duty aluminum and are accessed from the front through easy opening master door panels. Each apartment unit has their own locking box which is identified usually by their apartment number engraved on the front of the box.

commercial mailboxes

Apartment dwellers need more than to just receive mail, they also need to send mail. Each of the CBU mailboxes has an additional compartment that is identified as an "Outgoing Mail" receptacle and includes a weather protection flap. If the tenant receives a larger package, there is a convenient parcel locker that can hold it. The Cluster Box Units vary in color and in the number of doors/boxes.

The citizens of the United States are so reliant on the mail system and it is comforting to know that our mail can be delivered safely into a commercial mailbox until it is convenient to retrieve it.

commercial mailboxes

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