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Fireplace Gas Logs

When the wind is blowing wickedly outside, snow is falling and the temperatures have plummeted, the first thought in my mind is to don my long johns and flannel shirt in order to stay warm. I'm a pro at "warmth" and one of my favorite things to do is to sip hot chocolate while lounging next to a fireplace blazing with warm fire. If I use firewood, I can't go to sleep while the fire is burning because I'm afraid that popping embers will burn down the house.

There is a great solution to not only the popping ember problem, but also the inevitable messy clean up after the firewood burns. R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs produce a wood-like fire with a clean burn that is efficient and economical. The gas logs also take out the fear factor of burning a fire.

Facts about the Gas Logs:
  • natural or propane gas
  • interior radiant heat chamber
  • steel reinforcing rods
  • superior materials
  • greater compressive strength
  • higher bulk density
  • Better rheology (flow rate)
  • Higher refractoriness
  • Lower iron content
Why choose R. H. Peterson gas logs over wood?
  • instant on/off heat
  • no sparks
  • no smoldering embers
  • no chimney soot buildup
  • no messy ashes
  • no constant fireplace cleaning
  • no termites and bugs
  • no chopping/hauling wood
  • doesn't harm the environment
  • saves trees
  • cleaner air
  • less expensive
How much less expensive is it to burn gas logs? Well, depending on your location, the cost to burn R. H. Peterson gas logs is 24%-68% less than burning wood!

What is the difference between vented gas logs and ventless gas logs?

Vented Gas Logs require a fully functional wood burning fireplace
  • look more realistic
  • flame is much taller
  • flame dances and wraps around gas logs
  • does not require a CO2 detector
  • smell goes out chimney
Vented Gas Logs

Ventless Gas Logs can be installed in either a wood burning fireplace or a ventless fireplace rated for aftermarket ventless logs
  • produce more heat
  • causes less pollution
  • less gas consumption
Ventless Gas Logs

Hansen Wholesale has sold Peterson gas logs online since 1994 and are considered gas log experts. They are located in the City of Industry, CA, and make all its products in the United States. Now that's refreshing to hear!

Check out the Gas Log FAQs if you want to learn more about R. H. Peterson gas logs! What are you waiting for...the snow is coming and it is time to start sipping hot chocolate next to the glowing warm gas logs.

gas logs

The Redhead Riter

My opinions are valued and I was compensated by my friends at R.H. Peterson Gas Logs for this post.

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