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Lockers Can Be Fun

I knew that I had "arrived" when I started middle school because everyone was given a locker as a place to store their books and supplies.

school lockers

Oh, to be that young again. Today, there are lockers everywhere and they have become multi-functional. Even older models are considered "vintage" and sought after by crafters and designers who are ready to purchase any lockers for sale.

Like so many other things, a locker used for personal storage has come a long way. The school lockers and gym lockers are not just plain, metal boxes. Sometimes they are actually wood lockers or metal lockers with a designer feel and color.

school lockers

school lockers

gym lockers

gym lockers

Let's look inside a High Security Ventilated Locker. These lockers are:
  • all welded
  • designed for durability and versatility
  • heavy duty 16 gauge steel
  • full height welded in door stiffener
  • extra heavy-duty latching mechanism
  • optional adjustable shelves
  • ventilated doors and side panels
Since these lockers are rugged enough for manufacturing, military and law enforcement personnel, they would definitely fit in and work great in a home garage. A neat and tidy garage. Now that's a concept!

inside a locker

There are many other styles and designs for the lockers you can find at and they have unique features that would make them fit right in with the kitchen, bedrooms, craft room, sewing room and so many other places.

sturdy lockers with drawers

designer lockers

some colors for the lockers



Of course, putting a set of cubbies or cubbie locker combinations in a child's room can be totally adorable as well as functional. Besides the fact that the they are colorful, the lockers are sturdy enough to take the rough and tumble of children. Keeping everything off the floor and organized is always a battle with children, but providing a "fun" way to store their belongings will teach them organizational skills that will be valuable throughout life.


Did you have any idea that lockers could be so much fun and serve such a useful purpose? I would love to have a craft room with one wall lined in colorful lockers. Yeah, I can see it now!

The Redhead Riter

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