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Trees That Go Timber!

Since I have lived through tornadoes and hurricanes, I'm very aware of the damage they leave in their path. Living on the east coast means that we have big, beautiful trees, but during any type of storm that includes wind, those same trees turn into terrorizing flying and falling objects.

When the morning after a storm arrives, the first thing you notice is all the felled trees. They are spread across not only the land, but also electrical wires, cars and homes. It is impossible to move them all with just a saw and one person. It usually takes a crew with machines that can lift someone high into a tree or pull a heavy tree off a structure. Companies like Raleigh Tree Service, Durham Tree Service and Tree Service Cary NC specialize in this type of service and are very familiar with the impact trees can make during and after a major weather event.

These companies are not only busy during a crisis...

but they are extremely helpful at keeping trees pruned back to a manageable size to help prevent them from falling onto personal property before these storms. It is so scary to watch trees as they fall over like dominoes in a storm. Thinking ahead and having the trees that are close to homes removed is always a wise choice. The damage that one tree can cause is truly phenomenal.

A green aspect of storm cleanup is that the trees that are removed from properties are put to good use as firewood which is sold to the general public. Seasoned oak and hickory are offered in cords, half-cords, and other smaller amounts which look and smell great in a fireplace as they crackle and help heat the home. I have spent many cold, snowy winter nights next to a glowing fire, listening to the sizzling wood and drinking a mug of hot chocolate.

Preparation and planning is the key to keeping a home safe during a severe storm, tornado or hurricane. Likewise, it is great to know there are people and companies that specialize in this aspect of nature vs. man. It's like your own modern day lumberjack. I don't think it gets much better than that kind of brawn!

The Redhead Riter

My opinions are valued and I was compensated by my friends at Leaf & Limb Tree Service for this post.

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