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Do you have to be rich to decorate your home?

You don't have to be rich, but you do have to have a home to live if you're going to decorate!

The economy has really hurt real estate everywhere.


Many people dream of some day going to Hawaii and even living there because it is absolutely gorgeous with perfect weather. The real estate in Hawaii has been hurt by the economy just as badly as anywhere else. Actually, reports are that home sales are still dropping quite significantly in Hawaii with the next few months looking grim as well.

Another place that has beautiful weather and well known is San Diego, California. The price of homes in that area can also be pricey, but Kristian Peter says that the area is "holding steady." That was encouraging to hear, but what if that is only true for the west coast?

I decided to test another market on the east coast of the United States. South Carolina real estate continues to decline and is expected to under perform the rest of the United States. Much like Hawaii, South Carolina has many rough months ahead.

All the economist are saying about the same thing...The housing bubble can not be compared to anything else that has ever happened and there is no way to predict what the housing market will look like in the next ten years. With that being said, we need to ensure that we do a few basic things:
  • Save money
  • Learn to live more frugally
  • Become more independent
  • Plan ahead
  • Make wise economic decisions
I'm sure the economist would agree that we should all invest our money wisely and pay attention to the real estate trends especially if purchasing a home is in the future.

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